Ask the Vet

Ask the Vet


Spring reminders, as we journey out of the cold wintery mix:

1.  New tick concerns. There is a new Asian Longhorned Tick that is capable of reproducing without sexual activity. The tick is dark red with striations which do release several hundred new ticks. Always check your animals once every 2 days.

Reminder to self:  Any personal contact with removal of a tick should be a concern to contact your physician for advice.

2.  There are nasty spiders which can cause local infection if bitten. These spiders often go unnoticed on your clothing as you trek through your exercise times. Their bites can cause local infections requiring medical attention very quickly.

3.  Our senior populous are pursuing more exercise with their pets because of the documented health benefits to both. Records reveal that 29% of emergency room experiences required after all altercations result in hospitalization. Be sure to gauge your companion’s response to sudden encounters and be verbally controlling as well as leash-control. Never attempt to place your hands in harm’s way while attempting to provide relief.

4.  Already there are canines leaving out of windows during their automobile experience. There are obvious issues such as loosing balance with sudden change of the course of the ride. Ocular injuries from insects and objects being thrust into an excited canine passenger.

5.  Finally, there was a stray canine testing positive for rabies this spring in a Connecticut shore-line town. Be alert to monitor any strange behavior in an unidentified canine or wild creature.

In summary, have fun while exercising with your companion. Be sure to examine frequently during and certainly after the trek and walk slowly with both verbal and leash control. Always be alerted to any strange sounds or behavior lurking close. Have a plan if suddenly there is a threat.

Be safe and have fun!

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Ask the Vet

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04 /5 /2019

SPRING IS HERE! Spring reminders, as we journey out of the cold wintery mix: 1.  New tick concerns. There is a… Continue reading »