Services Offered: Wilton Hospital for Animals is a progressive, well-rounded practice offering you and your pets a wide variety of services.

    • Wellness Care
      Starting with a thorough consultation with the owners about changes observed helps us create a comprehensive profile to allow us to assess and detect changes in your pet’s system. This provides us with an opportunity to prevent or stall system deterioration. Immunization and testing are included as deemed appropriate.
    • Medical Diagnostics
      We offer excellent in-house diagnostic capabilities including radiography, laboratory evaluation of blood and urine samples, EKG, blood pressure monitoring, ocular tonometry, flexible and rigid endoscopy and video otoscopy.
    • Medical Treatment
      We maintain a full service hospital with equipment and resources that enable us to treat even critical patients. Overnight care can be attended to by our resident technician, if needed.
    • Surgery
      An impeccably equipped surgical suite with the latest equipment combined with the use of the safest anesthetics available today create a high level of care in our operating room.
    • Dentistry
      We preform Comprehensive Oral Health Assessments and Treatments, also known as COHAT. This includes cleanings and extractions of diseased teeth as well as post-exam counseling to prevent untimely re-accumulation of plaque.

  • Bathing
    Therapeutic baths as well as bathing and limited grooming.
  • Boarding
    We offer boarding of dogs, cats and exotics in our clean, comfortable kennel areas. Cats, pocket pets and exotics enjoy boarding in their own separate wards.
    *All immunizations must be current.
    *Animals with external parasites are treated to prevent spread of parasites throughout the kennels.

215 Danbury Road
Wilton, CT 06897

Office: 203-762-8321
Fax: 203-762-8395
Facebook: WHFACT Facebook

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday 8 am to 5 pm
(Closed daily for lunch between 12 pm and 1 pm)
Closed Saturday and Sunday.

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